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natural dental health

Natural Dental Health

Sep 6, 2020 | Digestion, Health Tips, Minerals

Greetings all!  Hope everyone is feeling well and enjoying the summer.  This week we are taking a closer look at natural dental health!  We are going to give you some natural tips to keep your mouth, gums, and teeth healthy!

Importance of Dental Health

Three fun facts about the mouth: it is the first point of entry to our digestive system, the health of the mouth is a reflection of the health of the gut as well as the health of the heart.  This is why it is important to keep up the health of our teeth, gums, tongue– the WHOLE mouth.  Many scientists are just now digging deeper into the relationship between the microorganisms in our mouth and the microorganisms in the gut.  Also, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the first thing they look at is the appearance of the tongue for guidance to help diagnose and balance out the body.  Just another example of how we can gain information about the health of the body based on the health of the mouth!

Old school dentistry may have set our health back a bit by using silver fillings (which include the toxic metal mercury), insisting on fluoride toothpaste, and being overly generous with root canals.  All of these could have an impact on the health of our entire body.  There is plenty of research out there on the possible health affects of silver fillings, fluoride toothpaste, and root canals.  We won’t get into that since they tend to be complex, controversial and lengthy.  What we will say is, if you are experiencing any type of health issues, look at the health of your mouth first and do some research.  It just may be a visual peek into the current health of your whole body!

Oil Pulling

One way of assisting Dental Health is by gargling with specific types of oils like coconut oil or sesame oil.  This method is called Oil Pulling.  It is an ancient Ayurvedic dental practice (from the traditional Indian medicine system).  The idea is that by swishing and gargling the oil for up to 20 minutes on an empty stomach, it will help improve the health of the teeth, gums, mouth and perhaps improve overall health. It can also help pull heavy metals like mercury from the teeth and gums.  Here is a quick tutorial video for the “how to’s”.

We have an oil pulling formula that has coconut oil, sesame oil, aloe, spearmint and more!  It tastes good and leaves your mouth feeling fresh.  Check it out here– Desert Essence Coconut Oil Pulling Rinse.

Herbs and Oils for Dental Health

There are a few herbs that can help improve gums and oral health.  Myrrh is great for oral health.  This herb/oil can be great for the gums.  It can be helpful for infections or soreness.  Clove oil is also another great oil that can be used to help ease the area of a sore tooth. We have a mouthwash from Vita-myr with both of these oils in it as well as zinc!  It will leave you mouth squeaky clean!

Licorice root promotes anti-cavity action, helps reduces plaque, and has an helps fight bad bacteria!  Yay licorice root!  Delicious and soothing as a tea!

Hawthorne berry can be helpful for tissue regeneration in the mouth.  It is also great for heart health.  There are veins in the mouth that run beneath the teeth and directly to the heart.  This is why dental health and heart health are linked so closely together.  Bad bacteria in the mouth can have quick and easy access to the heart.

Minerals for Dental Health

The teeth are the hardest substance of the body!  Although they aren’t exactly bones, they share some commonalities with them.  They are manly made up of Calcium.  Making sure you have proper mineral intake, especially Calcium, can be really helpful to keeping your teeth strong and healthy!  Zinc is another helpful mineral for the mouth.  Zinc can help keep the mouth clean from bad microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses.  If you want to focus on minerals for dental health, look to these minerals in liquid or powdered form.

Thanks again for reading!  We hope you learned something new about dental health!  One more thing, if you are looking for a natural alternative to whiten teeth try activated charcoal toothpaste!  And, just like your dentist says- brush and floss friends!  Keep that mouth clean– your health depends on it!

As always, do what you feel is best for YOUR body — if you aren’t sure, ask your doctor.  We are health ENTHUSIASTS not licensed practitioners.

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