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Natural Beauty Care Products

Natural Beauty Care Products

Aug 6, 2020 | Health Tips, Natural Body Care, Skin, Women's Health

Hello Beautiful.  Is it true that beauty is on the inside?  Sure.  Can it be on the outside too?  Of course!  We mostly talk about improving health from the inside.  Today we are going to take a look at Elite’s natural beauty care products for your hair, face and body.

This will serve as a natural body care guide if you haven’t switched your conventional beauty products over to more naturally based products.  And if you already have because you were concerned of overloading your system with possible toxins and contaminants, then maybe you’ll discover a new product or tip that will fit your beauty needs.  We’ll start with hair, since most of us LOVE to have thick, moisturized, tamed hair.

Natural Hair Care

Anyone else have a hard time finding a good shampoo that has clean ingredients?  We hear ya.  Here are a few options to check out:

Vita-Myr has a great aloe shampoo that also smells great and is good for sensitive scalps.  You can find it here.

Need some assistance growing or strengthening your hair?  Try a hair wrap with Castor Oil.  There are plenty of ‘How To’s’- just google it.  You can even put a little on your eye lashes or eyebrows to help grow the hair.  Black Seed Oil is also a nutrient dense oil that is great for the Scalp and Hair.  They are all sure to help mediate dandruff or irritated scalps.  Always research and test patch before you go ALL IN.

Need a natural hair conditioner?  Try adding Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and water into a spray bottle and put it in your shower.  After you shampoo your hair, spray it on your hair (with eyes closed/avoiding eye area) then rinse out after a minute or two.  Don’t worry about the smell it will dissipate once the hair drys.  The nutrients in ACV give body and softness to dull hair.

If you want to go above and beyond to help increase the health of your hair you can try an internal supplement called Lifetime Vital Hair Supreme. We get a ton of good customer feedback about this hair vitamin.  We have had several customers say that it has helped thicken their hair and lessen hair loss.

Natural Skin Care For Face and Body

Start with eating nutrient dense foods (fruits, veggies, healthy fats), supplementing with an omega oil, and keeping up with proper hydration.  This may sound obvious, but we’re stating it just to be clear that beauty begins within.  Then compliment those healthy habits with a natural skin care regimen with topical products.

Luckily, there are so many natural/clean skin care products on the market today.  Here are some of our favorite natural skin care products and tips.

First, if you haven’t tried Cellfood Oxygen Gel, are you even living? Just kidding, but seriously this gel is fantastic for the face or as a spot treatment for the body!  It can help reduce appearance of wrinkles, sun spots, rashes, scars of all types, and will provide the skin with nutrients.  Another popular skin product we get a lot of feedback from is Squalane Oil.  This oil is light and soaks up well on the skin.  It will help smooth the texture of the skin and help reduce wrinkles and pores. It is a great moisturizer for all types of skin and can be used on face or body!

Jason’s Vitamin E Cream is another popular moisturizer that will deeply moisturize the skin and improve the look and feel of your skin.  You can use it on your face or body, a little goes a long way.  Great for a desert dweller’s skin.

Need a mild and clean soap for just about EVERYTHING?  Try Dr. Bronner’s Mild Baby Castile Soap.  It is all natural and is unscented for those of you that want ultra pure soap without any added smells!  We take this camping and use it for, well, like we said– EVERYTHING (even for cleaning dishes).

Natural Care for the Face

Ever tried using natural oils to clean your face?  This sounds weird and may be an adjustment at first try, but it can really improve skin health and appearance.  You can use oils like olive oil, grape seed oilavocado oiljojoba oilsweet almond oil, etc.  The type of oil will depend on what type of skin you have.  Here’s a quick how to video if you want to try this method here.

Want to try a natural face mask that will nourish the skin and make it glow?  We’re not talking about yogurt, we are talking about ROYAL JELLY.  This nutrient dense bee food is amazing as a facial mask.  Put it on, let it dry, then remove gently with a warm cloth.  You will most definitely feel and see the royalty this jelly possesses.

We even have a line of CBD face and body products.  The HydroCanna Facial Serum is a great primer before you apply the Daytime Facial Moisturizer, helping to create a smooth look and feel.  Both of them have 100 milligrams of CBD for an extra boost of plant nutrients!

There are so many more natural skin and hair products that we love.  These are just a few of our favorites.  If you have questions about your specific skin type and need suggestions to help improve your skin– just shoot us an email!  We’ll give you some options and more tips to try!

Remember to always take time to nourish your body from the inside and out.  We have you covered! Literally!

As always, do what you feel is best for YOUR body — if you aren’t sure, ask your doctor.  We are health ENTHUSIASTS not licensed practitioners.

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