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Elite Health Tip- Menopause

Elite Health Tip- Menopause

Jul 3, 2019 | Health Tips, Women's Health

Greetings friends!  This week we will pay a special focus on the women of our Elite Fam but it can still be applicable to men since the saying goes– a happy wife is a happy life! That being said we are going to talk about Menopause and what you can do to get through the mood swings, hot flashes, and dry spells.  It doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable period of life– in fact, that’s where the hope lies: menopause does not last forever.  The real question is: what can you do to get your self through the symptoms of “the change”?

Menopause is a period of a woman’s life when her menstrual cycle permanently ends (technically begins a year after the last period), usually between the ages of 45-55 (average is around 51 years old). The various symptoms that may occur are due to your ovaries not producing estrogen or progesterone any longer.  It will depend on the individual and the health of the woman as to how long Menopause will last (about 5-10 years).  Here are a few symptoms that some women may experience during Menopause (symptoms will vary from person to person):

  • Hot flashes/night sweats (when the body begins to heat up internally at an abnormally fast rate)
  • Mood swings
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Increased abdominal fat or weight gain
  • Trouble sleeping or change in sleep patterns
  • Thinning hair or dry skin
  • Decreased sex drive

Estrogen plays an important role in the function of the hypothalamus, a part of the brain that’s often refereed to as “the thermostat of the body,” as it regulates body temperature, sleep patterns, sex hormones, moods and appetite. This is why a decrease of estrogen in the body can cause various symptoms.  Estrogen also plays a role in bone formation– which is why women tend to experience a higher risk/rate of osteopenia/osteoporosis due to decreased estrogen production during and after menopause.

What now?
Unfortunately, menopause is unavoidable, but there are many options to help minimize the symptoms and live through it instead of suffering through it.  Doctors may suggest Hormone Replacement Therapy.  This type of therapy can have a tendency to cause side effects which may be not be the best option for everyone.  Here are some natural alternatives that may assist in helping minimize symptoms of “the change”:

  • Exercise– This can be one of the best options to reduce symptoms because it will keep your stress hormones down– which can actually make symptoms worse.  Also, having a period every month also functions as a way for the woman’s body to naturally detox, since periods cease, it is important to implement another form of natural detoxing– like exercising!  It doesn’t have to be anything too vigorous just get MOVING!  Some low impact (easy on the joints) options are yoga, swimming, walking, or riding a bike.
  • Diet– Another key option to consider.  Since weight gain can be a common symptom, consider increasing vegetables or fruit intake (preferably organic). High-fiber or quality protein foods will help you feel more full and you will have less of a tendency to over eat.  A few good high-fiber foods are broccoli, chia seeds, and whole grain oats.  Nuts can be a great option to add protein and fiber to your diet.
  • Supplements- There are several different supplements to try to ease the symptoms of Menopause.  It seems as though different ones work differently for everyone.  Here are a few options that are popular for our customers:
    • PhytoB-L 4x– This is a very unique product that many of our female customers rave about, in fact it is one of our most popular products for treating menopause symptoms.  Phyto B contains a blend of herbal ingredients, many with estrogenic effects and may help balance out hormone levels inside the body and help minimize symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, fatigue and more.
    • Pure Essence Pro Fema–  This is a multi-vitamin that delivers ideal forms and potencies of every vitamin and is supported by SuperFoods, Superior Herbs, and a blend of factors that help support a healthy, radiant transition through the menopausal experience.
    • New Chapter Estrotone– This is an herbal formula that combines multiple supportive nutrients, including full-spectrum Black Cohosh and supercritical Evening Primrose, to promote optimal hormonal balance and wellness. It does not contain any estrogen, simply herbs that help naturally support the balance of hormones in the body.  It also contains ginger and rosemary, which are both high in antioxidants to help support healthy aging.
    • Primrose Oil– This is an oil that contains a high amount of Omega-6 fatty acid.  Some woman say that this supplement helps minimize their hot flashes.  It can is also be great for skin health, making the skin feel moisturized from the inside out.
    • Black Cohosh- This is one of the most popular herbs to help with menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats.  And it can be found in many supplements for menopause or on it’s own.
    • Progesterone cream– This is a cream made from wild yam root that can help support progesterone levels in the body since they diminish during menopause and can contribute to the hot flashes or night sweats.
    • Omega 3– Fatty acids like omega 3 can help balance the hormones in the body naturally as well as support brain and heart function.  It is also great for the bones, balancing mood and more!  We suggest a high potency Omega-3 for best results.
    • Vitamin D3– As we age we tend to go out less and less and do not get enough sun time.  This is the best way for our bodies to boost up on this crucial vitamin, which is actually more like a hormone!  This supplement may help keep the bones strong and mood balanced as the body ages.

There are many more options that can help minimize the irritable symptoms of menopause, we only listed a handful.  What is important is that you do not have to remain uncomfortable during this time, try different options and see what works best for your body.  If you know someone that is going through this stage of life, try to be compassionate with them because hormones can bring the crazy out!  Let them know you care and let them know they have options!

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