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Elite Health Tip- Energy

Natural ways to boost Energy

Nov 7, 2021 | Energy, Health Tips

Hello folks! How are you feeling this fine day?  Groggy, tired, exhausted?  We hope not but if so, we would like to give you some tips to WAKE UP.   Here are a handful of natural ways to boost energy to get you going in the morning as well as at any point of the day:


We know that it may seem obvious that food can be a factor in your energy levels– however, it is necessary to consider different food options to help give you energy vs what might deplete your energy for the day.

Have you ever considered vegetables for breakfast?  This sounds off the beaten track, however vegetables provide energy– so why not start your day off with a boost?  You can juice vegetables, put them in a smoothie, get them in powdered form, or just eat them straight up!  If you couple them with protein (hemp seeds, nuts or protein powder) and a fat (an avocado, coconut oil, MCT oil, flax oil, etc) then you really have a powerful start to the day!  Get creative and make it to your liking!


If you aren’t into eating your vegetables for breakfast or if you need more options to boost your energy, you can try these supplements to give you energy through out the day!  Some will be familiar to you already and others may be new to you or may be surprising to you.

  • Powdered Greens– We cannot say enough great things about taking greens daily, they are a great alternative to making your own vegetable drink.  It is easy and convenient and it will pave the way to a day full of energy and clarity!  You can find them in capsule form if drinking them isn’t appealing to you.
  • Multi-Vitamin– This is an easy and common way to get some basic nutrients to fuel the body.
  • Protein Powder–  Drinking a protein shake in the morning or afternoon can be a great way to get sustainable energy through out the day.  It can also improve the quality of your sleep– lack of sufficient amount of protein can sometimes be the culprit of insomnia.  Try an energy protein shake designed specifically to fuel your day!
  • L-Acetyl Carnitine– This amino acid helps improve brain function as well as liver function.  It helps produce energy in the body by transporting fatty acids into the cells’ mitochondria.  The mitochondria is like the engine of the cell and it will burn/use the fat to create more energy!
  • Adaptogens– Herbs like Ashwagandha, Schisandra, Maca Root, and even Mushrooms (like Reishi) all help the over-all body manage stress and boost the immune system as well as protect the adrenal glands (poor adrenal health can be the source of fatigue).
  • Green Tea– This can be a great alternative to coffee because  you won’t get a caffeine crash from it and Green Tea is higher in anti-oxidants– which can prevent the body from rapid aging.  It contains less caffeine then coffee and also contains the amino acid L-Theanine— which produces a calming effect in the body.  You will get a clean pick-me-up as well as a sense of calm.  It is available as a supplement– which will contain more caffeine and anti-oxidants, or enjoy it in tea form for a more mild effect.
  • Guarana– This Brazilian plant contains a good deal of caffeine that will act as a stimulant for energy in the body.  This can be a stronger method to get a boost and can be intense, so if you aren’t familiar with it do your research first before jumping in with this one.  It is usually one of the top ingredients in energy drinks, making this a popular method of getting a huge boost!
  • B-12– This B vitamin is responsible for producing energy in the body.  Many people tend to be low in this particular vitamin.  There are two common types of B-12– methylcabalamin and cynacobalamin.  Some people are not able to absorb the cyanocobalamin as efficiently as the methylcabalamin B-12 due to a gene variation.  Nevertheless, it can be a good first go to when trying to address fatigue in the body (along with Vitamin D).  Also, a B vitamin complex with the most common B vitamins together can also be a good avenue to explore for increased energy.
  • Peppermint Essential Oil–  This is an alternative method for waking a sluggish body up.  It can have a cooling sensation as well for when you feeling overheated on a hot summer day.  Mix it with a little water, oil, or lotion and rub it on your temples, on the back of your neck, on your chest, or simply smell it for a quick stimulant!  Can be beneficial for lessening the pain of headaches as well!
  • Herbal Tea–  Most people go straight for their choice of caffeine to wake up in the morning or afternoon.  If you are seeking an alternative to caffeine for energy, herbal tea can be a great option to explore.  Hibiscus tea has lots of Vitamin C in it, which can help give you a nice clear and clean energy.  It has a tart flavor but nothing a little honey can’t fix! Ginger tea can also be helpful to get the body going!

Breath Work
Tapping into the awareness of your breath can be a powerful natural and free energy booster.  Shallow breath input/output can really deplete energy in the body fast and most people aren’t aware that they are breathing shallow breaths.  Take a few minutes out of the day and do rounds of breath work– breathe in for 4 seconds, hold breath in for 4 seconds, breathe out for 4 seconds and hold breath in for 4 seconds then repeat for at least 4 rounds (4×4 breath work).  Not only will you get a boost from this but it will help calm your busy mind and help create more mental clarity.

Don’t live life half awake.  There are so many options to try and you deserve to THRIVE.  Let us know where you’d like to begin to increase vitality in your life and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

As always, do what you feel is best for YOUR body– if you aren’t sure, ask your doctor.  We are health ENTHUSIASTS not licensed practitioners.

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