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Covid Care Kit

Dec 22, 2020 | Health Tips, Immune System

Hello dear friends and family.  We are here with a special public service announcement on how you can tell Covid to KICK ROCKS and GET LOST with this Covid Care Kit! This blog will give you a health arsenal (chest full of resources) to get your body to fight this virus properly, if needed.  We hope you’ll never have to deal with this virus at all, but we think that it is important to consider the fact that you may.  This way you can prepare yourself.  This is our take on a Covid Care Kit based on industry experience, feedback, and research:

Vitamin D3

If you are not currently taking Vitamin D3, let us remind you to please get started on this important supplement ASAP.  There have been numerous studies about the association of low Vitamin D levels in death rates due to Covid.  This doesn’t have to come off alarming, if you’ve been reading along with us you already know how we repeatedly talk about the importance and necessity of Vitamin D3 for immune system and more.  Read more HERE.

How Much Vitamin D?

About 2,000-5,000 IU of Vitamin D3 will help with prevention or preparation.  If you experience a dip in wellness, feel a shortness of breath, or are sick with the virus consider increasing that dosage.  Your immune system will be using many different nutrients to attack invaders and you want to keep your body stocked up on D3.  How much exactly?  Some studies say 20,000-50,000 IU per day while symptoms are high.  This sounds like a crazy high dosage, but your body will need a lot of D3 to get back to wellness.  Once you’re feeling better, you can taper back to the normal daily dose.

Zinc and Quercetin

These two are a fantastic duo in fighting viruses.  You have probably already heard about the importance of zinc for fighting Covid.  This has been the 2nd most popular supplement next to vitamin D3 that has been researched to help fight Covid or viruses in general.  But have you heard about Zinc’s friend Quercetin?  This unique nutrient plays a role in facilitating zinc transportation across lipid membranes.  This is a fancy way of saying it can help get that zinc into the area of the cell where it is needed to slow the virus from replicating.  It is a powerful antioxidant that we think is NECESSARY to get your body through any viral infection.  It is also very helpful for lung health!  Extra bonus! Add them to your personal Covid Care Kit and be prepared.

Vitamin C

This is pretty standard and well known supplement for any type of sickness or for immune health in general.  The only info we would add to a vitamin you are already familiar with is to mega dose when feeling ill.  Just like Vitamin D3, your body will need ample amount of C when fighting off an invader.  Spread the dosage of the Vitamin C throughout the day if possible.  If you get sick, it may be hard to keep up on this.  But do your best.   Read more about Vitamin C HERE.


This is also a well known supplement (and probably the most delicious supplement) for Covid.  The only thing to add here is to use the directions for Intensive Care for Nature’s Way Sambucus.  This just means to take a larger dose when not feeling well.  Read more about elderberry HERE.


When you get sick, most times it is hard to want to eat.  And as we already know with Covid, you can temporarily lose your ability taste or smell.  Also, it takes a lot of energy to digest food, and your body will take energy from the immune system to digest the food.  That being said, it isn’t the worst thing to not have an appetite or not have the ability to eat for a short period of time.  This is our body trying to divert energy to give as much possible to what is priority – the immune system!  That’s why tea is great!  And it is comforting and nutritious.

You can pick a tea of your choice.  We like turmeric teaginger teaojibwa tea, and of course Bone Broth!  Bone broth really isn’t a tea but put it in a mug and make it a tea.  It is light enough for a meal when not feeling well and chock full of immune boosting nutrients!

Extra Kit Items

If you are an overachiever and want whatever is possible to get through a Covid experience or any type of illness here are a few more suggestions/considerations:

LDM-100 A powerful herbal tincture for viruses!
Magnesium needed for many enzymatic processes for stress and overall wellness support
Vitamin B complex nerve and immune system support
Mushrooms for immune support
Enzyme Complex or Nattokinase for blood clot support (taken on an empty stomach)
NAC for liver, lung, and immune support
Omega 3 great for immune system
Cell Food helps boost oxygen levels
Eucalyptus Oil for respiration and sinus support

Alright folks, that concludes our special Covid Care Kit. Like we said earlier, we hope you or your loved ones never contract Covid… and if you have already experienced it or know someone who has, we hope you are feeling better today.  We have known friends and family that have experienced this and we send them a Covid Care Kit to get them through it (**along with lots of love and support**).  We also asked them what helped them get through it, which is how we came up with some of these suggestions.


Thank you for reading our tips!  If there is anything to learn from all this, it’s that life is precious and temporary.  May we cherish every day we get to smile and love.  Enjoy this gratitude meditation to help you feel better and relax!

May the spirit of good health and harmony be with us all!

As always, do what you feel is best for YOUR body — if you aren’t sure, ask your doctor.  We are health ENTHUSIASTS not licensed practitioners.

Elite Nutrition


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